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The International Harvester Company (often abbreviated by IHC or IH, or shortened to International) was an American manufacturer formed from the 1902 merger of McCormick Harvesting Machine Company and Deering Harvester Company. The business lines of the company included agricultural equipment, automobiles, commercial trucks, lawn and garden products, household equipment, and other entities. Along with the Farmall and Cub Cadet tractors, International is also known for the Scout and Travelall vehicle nameplates.

A former employee shared his/her experience working for The International Harvester Company on Indeed on September 2015:

"Not a fun place to work. There were two amenities one was a summer festival for the families. and the other was an overpriced cafeteria. It is basically a meat grinder. Work a ton low pay, low reward, little recognition and they do not hesitate to lay off just to save money."


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Former Employee - Sales says

"If you work like a dog with this company you move up. If you provide certain advances that would be considered illegal you move up. Sadly if you are not a minority but have been with the company for a long time you move up. I left but the choice is yours."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"low pay, very minimum benefit, both awful general manager and corporate are unprofessional, most executives and regional managers are white"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"This company constantly instills fear employees to try an obtain the results they want but doesn't work. This is why they can't keep staff an turnover is high. Our regional lady was horrible an useless. They don't care about you or the property just the bottom dollar. Benefits we're costly an the worst... Aetna No bonus, wage was horrible an even for hourly associates. The wage analysis is apparently completed by someone in Florida an doesn't even match the compset."

Front Desk Agent (Former Employee) says

"Nobody cares at this organization regardless of the lip service they give you. I quit after seeing how others were being treated. How the management team acted as if they were not getting enough commitment when they are the ones who set a horrible tempo.Thank you for taking the time to share your personal experience. It is disappointing to hear your comments as at IHM taking care of our team members and providing a positive culture is what we are proud of and is included in our core values. We would like to review your feedback in further details. Please reach out to our Associate Engagement Team at AET@ih-corp.com"

Houseman/Porter/Maintaince Tech (Current Employee) says

"Worse Hotel I Worked For. Looks Like Years Of Experience Dont Matter, Ask For A Raise And Got Denied After Almost 2 Years, Everybody Gets About 3% Of Raise Every Year Which Is About 30 cents For The Low Income Pay Employee While Hire Pay People Get More Than 30 cents To 1$, Managers Dont Care About Employee Only Themselfs And There Bonuses They Get Every Month. Management SucksThank you for taking the time to share your honest feedback regarding your experience with our team. We are saddened to hear that your experience was less than exceptional. Our team strives to provide a team centric and caring work environment where all our team members are appreciated for their hard work and dedication. Please reach out to our Associate Engagement team at AET@ih-corp.com to share any further details on how we may improve."

Houseman (Current Employee) says

"This management company cares more about the bottom line than its employees or guests. The general manager has a severe lack of experience and extremely bad communication skill. The general manager also showed bias and discrimination to her employees.noneThank you for your sincere feedback regarding your employment with us. IHM strives to provide an environment where associates feel they are valued, treated fairly and respected. We are disappointed to hear of your experience. We would be happy to look further into this. If you would like to share more detailed feedback with someone from our Associate Engagement Team please email AET@ih-corp.com"

former employee (Former Employee) says

"low pay, almost no benefit, both awful general manager and corporate are unprofessional and most executives and regional managers are white and too aggressive and only take care about themselves.Nonetreat you as slave"

Texas (Former Employee) says

"this place is this place is ok this place is ok. . do no recommend regional is not the business!!! n no non nonono do not recommend. nope nope.nop nop"

Manager (Current Employee) says

"Horrible management. You gotta know someone to move up. They don’t care about you working hard... GM and RDO covering their own behind. Horrible! Don’t work here"

Front Desk Agent (Former Employee) says

"Not enough hours. They are constantly looking to hire more people Manager has there favorites and gives hours to the those they want. I think the schedule should be fair. Not giving others five days and you two days even tho you have an open schedule.No fulltime hours, no health care"

Associate (Former Employee) says

"My mother always told me, if you have nothing good to say then say nothing at all! Property had great potential, only if the upper management cared. More concerned with stroking egos! Enough said! Will continue to pray for this company, and the good people who continue to work there.Competive SalaryUpper Management"

Front Desk Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"Management is horrible. They play favorites here, if they decide they don't like you or you speak up about something that is not right they will do everything in their power to silence you."

Server (Former Employee) says

"It simply was not enough that the managers were such ignorant bullies who mistreated employees to the extent of violating labor laws, but they also fully enabled several employees who were also bullies and whose sole motivation was greed. It is an unpleasant, unkind, selfish, and greedy atmosphere. In a word, it is downright pernicious. If decency and ethics are part of your personal values, you would be well advised to avoid this place at all cost.NoneManagers who are liars and bullies"


"If you like to call out or not do your work during your shift then this is the place for you. They will not fire you. If you are responsible and show up then you will be taken advantage of.Management does not care"

Server/Bartender (Former Employee) says

"Your past work ethic and dedication make zero difference in the eyes of new management. New management are only interested in bringing in their own hires and could care less about what the current employees have done in the past and are doing to make this hotel successful. Customer reviews don't matter, so I'm sure this one won't either. However, I worked many years for this hotel and loved it, but I left because of lack of appreciation. They don't deserve me!Loyal regular customers (for now) until they figure out that they are no longer valuedManagement doesn't care about employees unless they brought them in"

Front Desk Agent (Former Employee) says

"Worst company to work for , management unprofessional, inexperience ,pay is terrible and they don’t care for their employees. Look else where in th hotel industry.....NothingAll the above that are listed"

Housekeeper (Former Employee) says

"No "jobs" in hotel for pregnant employee. No light duty provided for employee that is pregnant.. LIE. Deducted money out of check for false information.None"

Food Service Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"Food and Beverage department completely missed managed. The Director is a liar and food and beverage supervisor is not to be trusted. Night time servers don't make anything and management will take your tips."

Chief Engineer (Former Employee) says

"They just got sued (class action) by an employee for falsifying time sheets... what a surprise. The buildings are literally a class a felony, the management matches.NoneAll"

Housekeeping (Former Employee) says

"A typical day at work is like being a sheep in room full of wolves. The GM is a snake of all who steals all the company money and stays at the hotel. We never received any incentives. Everyone is trying to tear each other down to he on top of a company who cares nothing about them.Some of the staffNo raises, no incentives, not even a hello and thank you"

Director of rooms... "unofficially" (Former Employee) says

"The manager is in my opinion the most atrocious person I have ever encountered. His job appears to revolve around his own personal gain at the expense of his employees. A housekeeper should be responsible for around 17-20 rooms a day and they force the Housekeepers to do 30-40 a day and if they do so they want more. The manager never once lifted a finger to help out yet if ONE HAIR was on the floor it was a write up. CYA/crisis management IMO is a very difficult way to manage. Turn over is IMO so very out of control. I worked at this Hotel when Hilton Home2Suites owned it and they were a great company. Manager cared. There was plenty of opportunity to advance and Hilton even offers courses on management for employees. Too bad they sold out as IMO their name brand on this place could harm their reputation as a really good place to stay.too many to list"

Front Desk Clerk (Former Employee) says

"The Hyatt house hires inexperienced employees to manage the hotel ! They offer you full time ,when it's slow in the winter they cuts your hours , mind you you are classified full time , so you are forced to pay for insurance even though you only have 16 hours a week . Stay away bad management Hyatt houseEverything"

Sales (Former Employee) says

"Stay away from this company. Too many inexperienced VP's, Exec VP's and Regional VP's. They claim they develop and promote from within but you will only hear from them when they are getting pressure from ownership. They are reactive instead of proactive. No ethics!!NoneThe list is too long!!"

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